ZSK STOMANOBETON offers a comprehensive construction system of prefabricated elements of pre-tensioned and non-tensioned reinforced concrete, characterized by exceptional sustainability, functionality, flexibility of architectural design, very good appearance, low production cost, and short installation periods. Erection of individual elements proceeds fast with traditional equipment and qualified installers. All other construction activities may be performed during structure installation process.
Our product range allows simultaneous application of both standard and individual approaches to any project implementation. Thus every projects becomes easier to implement without losing its individuality.
Your project passes through all stages, from design, manufacture, element transportation to site, to installation.


Download our PDF catalog from here.


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  ZSK Stomanobeton : Sofia, 1870 | Kremikovtzi | tel.: +359 2 994 35 19, + 359 2 994 34 64, fax +359 2 994 35 15